Blogging is one of the best ways to create search engine optimized traffic to your website. More importantly, blogs are one the most cost-effective means of getting high quality leads to your website.

Knowing what to write about and then writing solid content on a consistent basis is a challenge, though. You're not flying blind, though. By sourcing questions people have that your product or service is the solution, you can create a library of valuable resources that position your company as a thought leader and your team as experts.

Don't just leave it at posting blogs, though! Keep in mind how you move people through the sales funnel.

  1. Attract them to your site and business by answering their initial questions.
  2. Convert them to leads by having more in-depth content, such as whitepapers and tip sheets, that will provide you with contact information and more information on what areas of interest or concerns they have.
  3. Close the deal by tracking what topics the lead has most investigated to provide the most compelling presentation.
  4. Track and evaluate what is working best and what is the ROI on your blogging investment.