A powerful brand allows you to charge more and spend less time and money on advertising your product or service.

Before beginning a website design or direct mail program or really any marketing efforts, you need to have a solid understanding of what your brand stands for and who is your target market.

  • Are you targeting the masses or a niche market?
  • Are you the most expensive in your category or the easiest to use?
  • What is the USP or Unique Selling Point? What can be said about YOUR product or service that cannot be said about any of your competitors?
  • Who would others view as your competitors, even if you believe you don't have any?
  • What is the knee-jerk reaction someone should have when they hear your brand name?
    • They stand for service...

From here, we can start mapping out appropriate fonts and colors and image styles.  Everything that you do for marketing needs to reinforce this brand positioning.

TIP: Companies can offer a lower-end extension of their luxury brand, but you can never move up. Toyota and Honda came out with Infiniti and Lexus...would you spend that sort of money on the 'good for the masses' car? New brand. New positioning.