Build Your Reputation Online



Most people have heard of Facebook, LinkedIn®, MySpace® and the like. But if you're over a certain age, it may well be that either you've never personally visited, certainly don't hang out or just don't have the time to continually update your profile or your company's presence on these sites.

If you're applying for schools, you may not know how to undo some of what's already out there. Or you may not know how to best position yourself for the admissions process.

That's where we come in.

Formerly operating in "That Social Networking Thing," we provide the resources to not only be present on the web, but also to have a constantly-updated and competitive presence on the Internet.  

We develop a professional web page to serve as a long-term 'home base' on the Internet, to capture all your profile links, websites, etc. and to maximze Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For those in a job search, this can be especially valuable!

We create an "authorized biography" on the web.  While you can't control everything others say or do, you can take ownership of saying "this is who I am." 

You simply provide your information to us, and we craft your online persona and update all the various profiles to keep them current and accurate.  Professional quality and timely service.

We use professional marketing strategies, techniques and experience to prepare a cohesive and compelling presentation of each of our clients.