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CASE STUDY: Website Redesign & SEO

GOAL: One of our clients is well known for selling and installing car stereos, speakers, car alarms, etc. With the growth of the web, traditional media could no longer be the main driver for acquiring new customers.

PLAN: Lone Armadillo proposed a redesign to their website, with search engine optimization incorporated from the ground up.  The new site would also appeal to a broader range than the high school and college age male, which had made up the client’s traditional market. This would leverage the name recognition among a demographic already familiar with the brand and reconnect to a positive emotion (e.g., in high school they were buying woofers for their car, now they are buying back-up cameras for their minivans). Unique forms for each brand or product line would assist in feeding the client with more detailed information, facilitating an easier sell and potential upsell, in addition to contributing to tracking ROI of the site, brands and product lines.

CHALLENGES: The client had a limited budget and limited image inventory of products. Supplier brands limited access to certain images and copy.  There would be no major announcement or push with the launch of the new site - all traffic needed to be gained strictly with SEO. No Search Engine Marketing was employed to help stimulate traffic.

RESULTS: Since September 2012, over 80% of site’s visitors are new visitors, visiting almost 4 pages on average per visit. Hundreds of high quality leads have been submitted, each recorded as from which page/section of the site it came, allowing the appropriate sales person to respond to the potential customers.



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