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Timothy Lynch
Timothy LynchMarketing and consumer insights innovator

Lynne is awesome to work with. I first started working with Lynne when my company had a major website project and no internal resources. Because of old technology and staffing changes we were unable to make changes to our site, a site that was getting a lot of traffic (40k/mo/uniques). I needed a complete overhaul of the websites backend systems and to establish processes. It all had to be done without any impact on the user experience. Lynne (and her team) helped me craft the plan and budget for the project. We launched the new site on a new backend platform, leveraged several lead management resources that the platform offered and there was zero impact on the user experience, it was exactly what we wanted. (as posted on LinkedIn)
December 17, 2014, Timothy was Lynne's client

Judy Szewczyk
Judy SzewczykOperations Manager at Snaggle Foot of Greater New Haven

Lynne is a pleasure to work with because she knows her stuff, doesn't waste time, and she comes up with outstanding ideas. I would highly recommend Lynne to help you with any internet business, social media project, graphics/signs, or practically any business endeavor - her company does it all. (as posted on LinkedIn)
March 12, 2012, Judy was Lynne's client

Christine Smith
Christine SmithManager, New Product Development at Quickcomm

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynne while working as Campaign Manager on a local political campaign. It was very clear that she had an excellent grasp of the needs for a campaign and developed literature for ours. She was responsive to our requests for changes and the turnaround time for proof was very quick. The finished product was excellent and the pricing was in line with competitors. 

She is also very knowledgable in leveraging social/professional networking websites to promote our candidate. Lynne is a very easy person to get along with. She diplomatically offers suggestions, but listens to her clients and responds to their needs. I highly recommend Lynne for any project you require her professional services. (as posted on LinkedIn)
August 4, 2010, Christine was Lynne's client

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Doug Hageman
Doug Hageman

Lynne McNamee understands marketing to its core. 

Whether for political direct mail, email marketing, websites or social media, she understands how to connect with voters and to communicate the right message to the right people. 

I strongly recommend her for all of your political marketing – she will provide you with a one-stop strategic plan that gets you the results you need at a competitive price. 

Further, your funding will go farther with Lynne as she'll quickly jettison ineffective and wasteful spending notions regardless of how many others (including your opponent) might subscribe. 

Lynne's marketing know-how is consummate (as posted on LinkedIn)
March 12, 2012, Doug was Lynne's client

Jay Townsend
Jay TownsendPolitical Consultant | Keynote Speaker| Campaign Strategist

Innovative. Resourceful. Full of ideas that advance traditional political marketing with cutting edge technology and social media tools. I always pay attention to what she writes and says. (as posted on LinkedIn)
March 12, 2012, Jay was Lynne's client