"How beist thou today" (no, too formal)

"Yo, whassup?" (no, too casual)

"To be or not to be." (yeah, that's good!)

Good copy can be hard to come by. And good copy that also works well for search engines...that persuedes consumers, well, that's worth its weight in gold!

We don't charge at today's gold prices, but we do offer quality copy that is designed to maximize the medium where it appears.

That is - copy for your website that incorporates the best SEO practices while not sounding like it was written for a computer.

Copy for your brochures and sell sheets that encourages sales - that lead with benefits, not features.

Copy for billboards that's short and to the point and build brand recognition.

Copy for PowerPoint presentations that meets brand standards and gets your point across.

Copy for Social Networks that talks to that audience in an authentic voice.

Copy for Podcasts and Video Blogs that positions you as the expert you are.

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