Email Marketing

Sure, we all delete a lot of emails.  But think about how many you do open.

When there is information of value, that helps you do your job better or provides a solution you've been looking for, that message is more than welcome in your inbox.

Your company has those welcome solutions. There are people who want to know more and who would welcome reminders and tips and information.

"Engagement" is the word of the day for social media...but email is a way to truly have one-on-one engagement with your prospects and leads and customers on a regular basis.

By segmenting your database, you can be sure to send the right message to the right person at the right time, while moving them through the sales funnel to initial and/or repeat sales.


With HubSpot, email marketing just got a whole lot easier...and better!

When people submit forms on your website, they can be automatically added to Smart Lists.  This way, your lists will be tagged in real-time for future communications. (Note: HubSpot has taken this to a crazy new level! Contact us for a demo to learn more!)

In addition, lead nurturing (aka "drip marketing") can be put in place to ensure that leads are contacted with additional, helpful information, after completing certain actions (downloading a whitepaper, submitting a "request a quote" or "more information" form).  Automatically!



If you are set with your existing web hosting platform or marketing automation solution or trying to figure out how to get started with these, AWeber may be the way to go. For a monthly fee, you can have CAN-SPAM compliant email sign-ups and email distribution. You can segment your list to send professionally designed emails to your contacts, with full tracking and reporting.

  Want More Sales? Get started with AWeber for $1



If you want the benefits of marketing automation but aren't ready to commit to HubSpot, Act-On may be the solution you're looking for. More a la carte, you can select the features you want to add to your site, including scoring leads and dynamically generating content.