Grow Your Reputation Online



The time to grow your Personal Brand is BEFORE you apply for that dream job or for the college of your choice.

It is very easy to randomly participate in social networks.  But what image of YOU does that create?

If you are a star athlete, but you rarely share what you've achieved on the court, it doesn't support what you say on your application.

If you are a scientific genius, but you're so busy in the lab that people who might be giving grants don't know what you're working on or your history of success, they might pass you up.

A key rule is that if you don't tell people, they don't know.

Still, it can be tricky in today's online world of how to share information without bragging, spamming or pitching online - all major turnoffs.

As independent parties, we can help craft a compelling, consistent and deliberate way to grow your online brand, and have it ready for when you need it most.