Lone Armadillo POP Signs* will help your clients gain, maintain and sustain market share

In-store marketing continues to grow.  With as much as 85% of purchasing decisions happening when a customer is in the store aisle, your brand needs to be there and tell a compelling story.

Lone Armadillo point of purchase signs are a unique way to tell your story and keep your brand presence in front of consumers.

The original company to identify the flat part of shelves or the top slot in a wine rack as a potential place to advertise, Lone Armadillo is also the only company that has a history in promotional marketing to appreciate the marketing opportunities this creates!

Frequently asked questions by Brand Managers and Sales Representatives:

How can I get the store to put up my display? (compliance)

How do I promote in stores with clean aisle policies?

Is my display so complicated that they won't be able to move it when my products are moved to another part of the store?

A number of companies sell the same product - how do I get them to reorder from me?

When I do a site visit, our products aren't on shelf, are in the wrong place or, worse, a competitor brand is in our space.  How do I protect our space?

Our company ran a promotion, but now it's expired.  The inventory already on shelf looks dated.  Is there any other way around this?

Increase sales by being always visible

pop display

CPG products with Lone Armadillo point of purchase signage.


*This product is still available from Lone Armadillo, however it is no longer patent pending.