Point of Purchase Signs (POP)



Always Visible Signs POP Signs* will help your clients gain, maintain and sustain market share


  • Increase POP compliance rates
  • Comply with clean-aisle policies
  • Seasonal promotions without packaging changes
  • Variably print for testing or store-specific references
  • Cross promote with non-store suppliers (e.g., airlines)
  • Quickly execute promotions
  • Customize to target local demographics
  • No time limitations on how long your signs are on shelf
  • Reinforce out-of-store advertising efforts with full color graphics


  • Promotions stay current as inventory moves in store
  • Encourage sales lift with mobile coupons via QR codes
  • Keep brand presence when stock is low
  • Recover potential lost sales by increased advertising at point-of-purchase
  • Get value from products sold on lower shelves
  • Promote at the SKU level, not just entire brand line


  • No outdated packages on shelf
  • Protect shelf space
  • Restocking matches SKU
  • Test A/B promotions affordably
  • Be recognized even when product changes

The original shelf advertising, Lone Armadillo POP Signs were invented by a marketing professional to address the challenges of in-store marketing.  While others may try to imitate us, Lone Armadillo signs uniquely address the key challenges of in-store marketing:

  1. Cost and Lead time required for packaging changes
  2. Low Compliance rates of installing in-store promotions
  3. High Cost, Short Life Span and Limited Availability of in-store promotion opportunities on shelf
  4. Products on lower shelves usually see less traffic
  5. Challenge of incorporating graphics and campaigns used in other marketing channels at retail
  6. Lack of ability to customize individual POP signs

Plus, by customizing at the SKU level, you can feature benefits of that product, versus waiting for every unit of a brand being sold out before customers can see your marketing message!

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Did you know...

According to Saachti and Saachti, 85% of purchase decisions are made in store. 

A survey by Information Resources found that in store fixtures give an average 160% ROI.



*This product is still available from Lone Armadillo, however it is no longer patent pending.