Website Redesign or Update



We're seeing a trend - many companies (including Lone Armadillo!) are updating their websites.  What worked well for a few years is now outdated.

When looking to update your website, don't just change the colors or layout.

A lot has changed with the Internet since many people built their previous website. 

Algorithms for the search engines have changed.

Facebook has become a more significant player in the online universe.

Social media is a critical piece of the puzzle.

The way people use the Internet is different than years ago.  Earlier, many times, people just wanted to know what your hours were and directions to get there.

Now, people are looking for informative whitepapers and podcasts.  The sites that get the highest rankings don't just have lots of links, they have lots of quality content.

Creating that content may be an effort, but what if you turned that content into leads?

With the HubSpot method, we can help you get higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but also turn your clicks into leads.

Contact us today to learn how!