Wine Point of Purchase Displays



Top 5 Benefits of Lone Armadillo POP Displays

  1. No stale packaging after promotions finish!
  2. Introduce new features and benefits of your product - and with no additional packaging costs or lead time!
  3. Keep selling products on lower shelves, by maintaining visibility, even when top facing is removed.
  4. YOU determine how long you want your message on rack or shelf, and what you want to promote.
  5. Lone Armadillo POP signs maintain product presence, even when wine is out of stock or not moved to the top rack or edge of shelf.

Variable printing allows for tracking, right down to store and unit level!

No minimum orders.
Available with or without shelf talker.

Two main types of CPG Lone Armadillo POP displays are currently available:

Tabs provide the benefits of 'aisle violation,' like a shelf talker, while providing the additional benefits available from Lone Armadillo POP signs.

Without tabs, stay in compliance with clean-aisle policies, while still having presence in store.

With Lone Armadillo POP signs, the space available for promotion at the retail location has just increased for you to sell your product to the consumer.

Experienced promotions managers to help design
and fulfill orders.

Increase sales by being always visible

wine pop display

Wine Lone Armadillo point of purchase display

When the top bottle isn't there, consumers do not look underneath...they just move onto the next bottle visible.  Don't miss out on sales! 

Frequently asked questions by Brand Managers and Sales Representatives:

A number of companies sell the same product - How do I get them to reorder from me?

When I do a site visit, our products aren't on shelf, are in the wrong place or, worse, a competitor brand is in our space.  How do I protect our space?

How can I do cross-sells and upsells to other products in our line?

We want to provide unique in-store support to our retailers.  Could this work for that?

How can I get the store to put up my display? (compliance)

How do I promote in stores with clean-aisle policies?

Is my display so complicated that they won't be able to move it when my products are moved to another part of the store?

Our company ran a promotion, but now it's expired.  The inventory already on shelf looks dated.  Is there any other way around this?


*This product is still available from Lone Armadillo, however it is no longer patent pending.