Building a website - Please don't build your website in flash!.

If you want to be found, Flash is not the way to go

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Building a website - Please don't build your website in flash! ...

Websites and SEO

google screen shotIt breaks my heart. It also makes me mad.

What sort of web designer in his or her right mind would sabotage a business by building a client's website entirely in Flash?

I mean, beautiful websites, sure. BUT, and hear me:


which means


which means


which means


Can I be clearer?


Oh, and the obvious component that anyone using a Mac product (iPhone, iPad, Safari browser on a Mac laptop or desktop) won't see anything.

I thought most people were aware of these issues, but when I received a chamber notice for a new business opening locally whose brand new website was built in flash, I realized many just don't know.

If you look at websites that have templates, many attractive websites are built in flash. But why bother, when it's useless to even have a website if it's entirely built in flash.

Is it okay to use flash in parts of your website? Yes.

In or as your navigation? NO!

As the infrastructure for your entire website? NO!

Businesses need websites - they act like a business card on the web, with core contact information.  They fill the role phone directories used to play. They are the main place where businesses get to tell THEIR story, their benefits and their features.

They are the home base to which other references to them on the web will be directed.

What if someone is trying to find a business that does what you do. If your site is built in flash - you've just lost business.

What is someone is ready to purchase and needs directions and hours of your business? If your site is built in flash - you've just lost business.

There are many good options for websites, whether custom developed or templates, static, dynamic, content management system or blog based.

If you have questions, please contact me. Even if you don't hire us, it's just too painful and maddening to see good, honest people swindled by crooks (in my opinion) who take money from people who build sites which serve no purpose but to look pretty to the owner, as no one else will EVER see it.

Contact us today! We can provide a no obligation review of your website and/or website needs and make a recommendation that fits your budget, timeline and objectives.


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