February 12, 2011 at 1:58 PM

Facebook Pages Facelift

If you take the Facebook Page Tour, below is what it reports.

Copy is directly from them...I'm including here as a reference...there's a habit of not being able to find the information again once you accept a change from FB.  So planning ahead, here's what to look for.

Showcase Your Latest Photos

  • The most recent photos that you post to your Wall or photos that you tag your Page in will appear here. This area will not include any photos posted by your fans.
  • To hide a photo, roll over it and click X.

Navigation Where People Expect It

  • Navigation links are now on the left, just like on people's profiles.

Show the Top Posts on Your Wall

  • You now have two Wall filters. You can show posts by your page and top posts from Everyone, a new way for people to see the most interesting stories first. As an admin, you'll have additional filters for viewing posts on your page.
  • To set a default filter for your Wall, go to Edit Page.
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