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With modern technology, it's easy to build your own website. But it's not so easy to be found on search engines, nor to keep consistent traffic flowing to your home page.

We have found that there are a few common mistakes that people make that causes search engines to pass over your site or rank your site lower in search results. Once these wrongs have been made right, you'll see a change in the tide. Complete the form to download our free checklist on 3 Fatal Website Errors.

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Attention to detail is what matters most...

When it comes to websites, they are simple to build but more difficult to optimize. After reading our checklist on 3 Fatal Website Errors, you'll see that the devil is truly in the details.

At Lone Armadillo, we are obsessed with ensuring every detail is in order. If you need to start driving more traffic to your site today, contact us!

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Website Management

Need to be hands-off? No problem. We'll take care of all of your website needs.

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Content Development

An important part of driving web traffic is quality, up-to-date content. We can help keep your website fresh with regular content.

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Site Optimization

We can help improve the quantity and efficiency of traffic flow to your website.