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Are you a B2B company? Then you need this B2B Sales & Marketing Alignment Handbook.

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Eliminate confusion over what you want to improve by clarifying:

  • what you are going to measure, 
  • how you are going to measure it, and
  • who is going to capture the data.

Covering KPIs such as Cost-per-Lead, Cost-per-Acquisition, Lifetime Value per Customer and more, this is the practical handbook you've been waiting for.

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Without the right data, you don't know what to change...

Much of the data Marketers need in order to improve lead quality is only available to Sales. Something as basic as knowing if or when leads become opportunities, let alone a customer, isn't transparent to the Marketing department. 

Thus, in the absence of the right data, Marketers focus on website visits, click through rates, and social media follows... which frustrates Sales, whose KPIs are tied to profit and speed to revenue. 

The truth is, both departments want to know and improve the quality of leads, decrease costs and improve efficiencies.

At the same time as we want more data, the amount of time that sales professionals can dedicate to completing fields in the CRM is limited. Thus, any request to fill in data needs to serve a real purpose.

Thus - this Handbook.

For example, if you want to improve your Cost per Acquisition (CPA), we've identified 27 ways that could be approached. Do you need all 27? Doubtful. This Handbook will help you have informed conversations so everyone can agree on what really matters for your company?  

This B2B Sales & Marketing Alignment Handbook provides the framework to decide what KPIs to target, what fields need to be completed in order to measure and report on those KPIs and who in the organization has responsibility for capturing that data.

(HINT: if you use the HubSpot SalesHub, you can actually minimize the work that Sales has to do to make this happen.) 

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Align Teams

Get Sales and Marketing working together and agreeing on terminology

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Achieve Results

Improve the quality of leads, increase velocity to close and decrease costs

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Quality Tools

Works for HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive or other CRMs & Marketing Automation tools