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Amazon Glow Product from Amazon website
Lynne McNameeSep 29, 2021 7:13:36 PM1 min read

Amazon Glow and Corporate Learning

Have you seen the Amazon Glow? Looks pretty cool. Now think ahead 15 years...can you really do traditional elearning?

Amazon just released the Amazon Glow - which allows for remote parties to interact on video and books, games, design, etc.

While in limited release, I suspect this technology will take off, especially if the price is right. 

Will schools use it with remote learners?  I think so. I don't think it'll only be the grandparents. 

Think about ways you could incorporate this into your Learning programs:

  • What about your training programs?
  • What about mentorship programs?
  • What about training in the field?
  • What about supervising in the field?
  • What about team building with disparate teams?

The applications could be extensive, and get around some of the limitations of VR, such as limited time that people can handle being in those immersive experiences and where VR is too dangerous/ one needs to be able to see their physical environment.

While we are all hoping to transition back to face-to-face interactions soon, this is a good option to keep an eye on for the future.


I encourage you to also think to the youth who grow up with devices and interactive experiences like this. This will be the default of what they are used to, what they will expect. 

Start thinking about what are the elements that define what this learning experience is for these youth. Then, start planning for how those elements can be incorporated into the training opportunities you offer. 

A "next" button after this sort of immediate access and feedback and the seamless connection between people and technology will be setting the bar high for workplace learning in the years to come.

What do you think? 


Lynne McNamee

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