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Liquid Death Water
Lynne McNameeMay 1, 2020 12:57:41 PM1 min read

Can we laugh at ourselves?

While we may not expect people to fawn over our latest corporate Learning effort, we don't expect to be bashed for the courses we create.

Sometimes, though, what we create fails. Hard.

How do we respond?

For inspiration, I invite you to check out "Liquid Death" water. People apparently HATE their name, their packaging, and pretty much everything about them. People are vocal about it.

So what did they do? They used it! Check this out! 


So how does this apply to Learning? Ok, yes, we want to take seriously the feedback we get. But getting an emotional reaction from people means something got through to them. They remembered. They engaged.

For your next effort, perhaps invite those who voiced dislike to join as a consultant. Get them as a spokesperson for the next launch. Use them as a testimonial in promoting the next initiative. If your company culture allows it, have some fun with it. 

For example, may have a picture of that person who voiced disapproval with a quote that says, "I thought that other course was bad. This one isn't bad."

Develop a team of reviewers and influencers. Get them involved in the creation, and then earn their stamps of approval when launching new courses. 

Use negative reviews to find your best advocates.

What do you think? 



Lynne McNamee

Lone Armadillo is led by Lynne McNamee. Having directed the Avis Rent A Car®, Hewlett-Packard Company and Bank of America® accounts, Lynne has deep experience in both strategy and execution for Fortune 50 clients. She is recognized as a unique and creative thinker, most notably for introducing synergies among brands, products and new technologies. Lynne is a senior marketing professional and strategic thinker who leverages data and technology to lead innovative teams to measurable results through UX and omni-channel marketing while building strong client relationships. She has a proven record helping companies increase market share, create sustainable growth and improve ROI by developing focused strategy, actionable plans, sustainable processes and measurable tactics.