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Dogs on Zoom - Pet Adoption promoted by Pedigree
Lynne McNameeMay 11, 2020 2:51:58 PM1 min read

Dogs on Zoom? Oh yeah

Pedigree wins. How can you not watch and then not be tempted?! If only Learning could be this engaging.

First we had llamas to rent for your meeting on Zoom. But what if your meeting on Zoom were meetings with pets specifically?

Pedigree is facilitating just that - to support pet adoption during the COVID-19 lockdown.


We've seen people playing Zoom bingo with counting animals, kids, etc. in the background (or zoom bombing) business calls.

But as we consider this could be our new normal...what will we do to keep people engaged over the long haul? Can we think about embedded scavenger hunts or games of virtual tag or hidden messages that we facilitate as Learning leaders, to keep people engaged, even in non-learning sessions? 

Can we take advantage of this digital transformation to come out from behind the LMS and embed ourselves in the broader organization. Get some spaced repetition or core value reinforcement built into every meeting held outside the learning organization. 

Maybe it's a simple as having a picture of the company pet that someone shows on screen or as their background, with one employee nominated to feature the image for the week, as recognition for going above and beyond, or completing a major project or earning a new certificate.

Maybe host a session for employees pets to virtually meet each other online. 

It's hard to think outside the box when we're all thrown into a box on screen. However, we're all thrown into an equal size box. That lends great equality and opportunity to propose unusual suggestions in light of an unusual situation.

What do you think? 



Lynne McNamee

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