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Lynne McNameeJul 13, 2020 10:28:22 AM1 min read

What Gen Z Expects from Corporate Training

"Be Authentic. Be Fun. Be Good." For Gen Z, that generation born between 1996-2015, this is the expectation for experiences with brands. In LnD, we need to support the brand experience other parts of the organization are working to develop, not only for extended enterprise, but also within the organization itself.

Whether large or small, when we talk about a company culture, our Learning efforts need to support this. So while we want a Learning Culture, we first have to consider the overall culture and our role in building and sustaining that culture. 

As we dig deeper into this recent report from WP Engine, a few more important details stand out:

  • 58% of Gen Z can’t go more than 4 hours without Internet access before they become uncomfortable
    So how long are the learning experiences we are creating (and doing elearning doesn't count!)?
  • 82% of Gen Z trusts a company more if the images they use in their ads are of actual customers
    So what are the consequences of the cartoon characters we're using in courses?
  • 66% believe that all websites will "talk" to each other, so every site/app/appliance will present a personalized experience
    So can we keep creating 1-size-fits-none content?
  • Another data point suggests a hint of a possible way forward:
    72% of Gen Z is more likely to buy from a company that contributes to social causes

So what if storylines in our courses tied to the social good the company engages in? What if we tied back learning objectives to not only business goals and personal skill development, but also how those skills could be applied to positively impact social organizations?

Learner expectations need to come before Learning Objectives. 

When people have certain expectations, if they aren't met or managed, then your efforts will be lost, no matter the forum.  By better understanding the mindset of our co-workers, the better we can communicate and support them in achieving maximum success.

What do you think? 

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