Sales Enablement Session Presented at ATD ICE 2022.

Lynne McNamee to present at ATD 2022

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Sales Enablement Session Presented at ATD ICE 2022 ...


May 10, 2022 - Lynne McNamee, President of Lone Armadillo Learning, will present "Sales Enablement: The Missing Piece" at the ATD International Conference & Exposition 2022.

In her presentation, Ms. McNamee will discuss how to augment your sales enablement training and improve performance by leveraging insights in the marketing crm.

With over 460 sessions, ATD 2022 brings together the L&D industry leaders from around the world for this years hybrid conference in the period of 15-18 May, 2022.

To learn more about the conference and this valuable session, visit the link below:

ATD ICE 2022



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