Marketing on a Mission



No company wants to waste dollars, especially on marketing. 

Show me traffic!  Show me leads!  Show me sales!

With our philosophy of "touch the armadillo," Lone Armadillo takes a multi-channel approach to reaching your potential customers, testing and tracking along the way, plus leveraging what intelligence we gather to improve your sales conversions.

  • We save you time and money, by offering (or coordinating, when needed) all the parts of your marketing, online and off. 
  • We have full graphic design services, from logo development to direct mail to print advertising. 
  • We offer web development, hosting and email marketing. 
  • We provide social media and social networking creation, maintenance and promotion management.
  • We have preferred relationships with vendors for printed promotional items, so you can get your items quickly and cheaply.

One of the services we're most proud of is our marketing strategy development, for short- and long-term growth of your business.  We identify where you have the greatest growth opportunities, develop a plan targeting that sector and manage the flawless execution of that plan.  With the incremental growth from the first stage, you're in better shape for expanding into other sectors.

In addition to the obvious monetary benefits of this method, it takes an enormous pressure off of the business owners and managers.  Schedules and calendars are agreed to ahead of time, which helps with budgeting of cash and resources, as well as with inventory management.  It relieves stress as a plan is in place and provides guidance for all marketing decisions.

If you realize it's time to take a fresh look at your business and your marketing, please contact us.

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