Strategy Determines Success or Failure

Do Not Ignore This Stage

A General would not go into battle without clearly defining the objective. Neither should you.

There are three core components to this stage:

  1. What are the business objectives
  2. How will marketing contribute towards achieving those business objectives
  3. What are the marketing strategies that should be employed

Most CEOs do not come from a marketing background, and so may think #2 is the same thing as a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this is where wasted money, activity and customer attention occurs. By bringing in an expert early on, results can be recognized early and long-term growth can be nurtured from the start.

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Strategy Focuses On...

For a Marketing Strategy, the Director of Marketing will zero in on things like:

  • what Products or Services are being sold
  • what are the most Profitable Products or Services
  • who is the Target Market
  • what are their Personas
  • what is the Buyer's Journey
  • what is their User Experience (UX)
  • how is Client Relationship managed

This information will inform the creation of a targeted strategy to help keep the lead pipeline filled, decrease cost-per-acquisition and to help focus on the most profitable business.

NOTE: This is not a one-and-done situation. Strategies need to be revisited:

  • as the business changes and
  • as more data makes refining the strategy possible.
Don't be mistaken: Rebuilding a website is NOT a "Strategy"
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