How Will You Achieve Your Goals?

If you don't identify where you want to go (Strategy) and how you intend to get there (Plan), you are setting your company up for failure.

People can get distracted by wasting time and money on efforts that will not help you achieve the core business objectives and marketing goals.

It is important to detail the channels that will be employed to reach each defined objective, and to communicate with all stakeholders to clarify what contribution each channel will make toward each business goal.

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What's In the Marketing Plan?


Common Strategies include

  • Lead Generation
  • Thought Leadership
  • Up-selling Existing Business

The Marketing Plan will map out what approaches will help support those strategies, incorporating:

  • what products or services
  • as well as which personas
  • at what stage of the sales funnel

each approach will address.

Note this is still at the level of, say, "Trade Shows" to support Lead Generation or "Social Media" to promote Thought Leadership. Which Trade Shows or which Social Media platforms fall under Marketing Tactics.

The Marketing Plan will, if the data is available, also start mapping out SMART goals, identifying target numbers of:

  • impressions
  • leads
  • quality leads

are needed to hit the pipeline and other business sales objectives. 

Additional data points can be added, as available, but these three consititute the most foundational, and critical, of items to be measured and watched.

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