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My compliments to Lyris for how they responded to a recent email blast sent accidentally.  Rather quickly after receiving said "Thank you for Registering for our Webinar" email that I did not recall registering for, I received the following email.


You received email from us today that should never have been sent and I want to personally apologize. As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize our own marketing programs, an environment was created that allowed one of our newer team members to deliver two of our regionally targeted mailings to a much larger group of recipients than had been intended. Our processes designed to prevent such errors were not followed. We are very sorry and extremely embarrassed about this mistake.

This mistake happened due to human error and a combination of lack of oversight and insufficient proofing. In short, a marketer's worst nightmare.

We are taking immediate action to review our procedures, and will provide an update over the coming days via our blog as we step through the events that occurred – so that we may share with you our lessons learned and steps taken to protect you, and us, from this happening again.


Alex Lustberg
Chief Marketing Officer
Lyris, Inc. 

We all fear us having the same thing happen and my sympathies to Mr. Lustberg and Lyris that it did happen to them.

We're all human and understand that mistakes happen.  Taking responsibility for those mistakes and taking speedy action to proactively and publically address those mistakes is what separates the quality people and businesses.

Thank you for managing this process in a professional manner.


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