Your clients are not idiots - so don't treat them like they are

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Your clients are not idiots - so don't treat them like they are ...

Marketing Strategy

Who's really the idiot?There are many directions I could (and probably SHOULD) go with this, but I'm focusing on one aspect only here. 

Don't try to 'snow' your clients.

Hopefully, you are building long-term relationships with your clients - you educate them, you're proactive with ideas and suggestions, you accept criticism, and you try to keep them from making mistakes and poor marketing decisions.

Many people and agencies, though, do not.

They try to take advantage of clients, try to confuse them with acronyms and try to make what we do as marketers seem overly complicated. 

Beyond the obvious - that's a horrible way to treat those you are supposed to be in partnership with!

And every so often, you're reminded that your clients, while they trust you and are looking to you for answers and advice...they are not living in a vacuum.  They are researching and keeping up on the industry, too.

Just the other day, a long-standing client was asking for some ideas of additional advertising options.  I mentioned how, for his particular industry and product, Facebook advertising could be an would serve its purpose for brand awareness/keeping name recognition.  However, I pointed out, it would not translate into measurable sales.  I think the other efforts we are doing already cover the brand awareness (SEO bears that out), so I don't think Facebook advertising is the best use of your money.

To which, the client responded: I just read an article about that I and I agree. I'm glad you didn't recommend Facebook advertising, as it isn't what we're actually after.

If I tried to be like a pufferfish, I would have lost credibility with the client. By being honest, the client left with a higher opinion and trust reinforced than before the exchange.

Be honest. If you need to do more research, just say so! 

Your client is your business partner - respect them and treat them like you really do.


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