How to salvage your SEO?

What to avoid when starting over with SEO

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How to salvage your SEO? ...

Websites and SEO

SEOBefore I ever recommend or 'let' my clients use a new service, I test it with my own business.

I am glad I do, as none of my clients should have to face the nightmare I am facing from testing 

There are a number of businesses claiming to help you with your SEO by getting you listed on a lot of different directories.  These directory listings are supposed to help you with your Search Engine Optimization, and make it easy for people to find your business. 

Some of the services are Yext, CityGrid and 

Yext I do not recommend. 

CityGrid I do not recommend, esp. as they are actually doing a pay-per-click, like Search Engine Marketing (like Google ads), but in what is supposed to be the free or "organic/natural" area.  This goes completely against Google's model...and Google knows this is happening.  I anticipate it won't be long before the punishment of CityGrid begins.   I don't want my clients caught up in that, nor do I want them to pay for what is supposed to be free. 

My main message today is to share that I would suggest everyone to  AVOID LOCAL.COM. 

After putting together wrong information about my business, not using the information I repeatedly provided to them and very strong objections to their placeholder images and the request that they, in fact, use the images I repeatedly provided to them...against my explicit direction, they went live with the wrong information and the bad pictures. 

After calling them on this, I would get one story after another, but they have all proven false.

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