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2020 Vision for your Business ...


As the end of 2019 approaches, it's a time of reflection, planning...and sometimes, panicking. I mean, where did the year go?

If you experience this every year, resolve that this is the year that changes! It can be done and it's not that hard. Ultimately, it's a mindset and a commitment to be consistent with internal processes.

1. Reflect on what were your business goals for 2019.

Were they written down? Were they "SMART" goals - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. 

Did you have a specific plan for achieving them, with milestones and deliverables?

What was the basis for setting those particular goals? Are those reasons still relevant, or how did they change during the year?

2. How well did you achieve those goals in 2019?

Give yourself credit for those you did achieve - well done!

What kept you from the goals you didn't achieve? No blame...the more detail, the easier to tackle them in the future.

Are there patterns that emerged during the year which impacted achieving your Big Goals as well as or your Little Goals?

3. What is the impact on you and your business for not having achieved your goals with the end of the year?

Financially, how does this affect you, your team (e.g., bonuses), capital investments, stability of your organization, and going into another year?

Professionally and emotionally, how does not achieving all your goals affect you? Does it sting? Does it impact your self-confidence? Does it impact business relationships, credit ratings, partnerships or memberships?

Now that we've looked back...it's time to use 2020 vision and focus on the future

1. What are your goals for 2020?

Set concrete targets and timelines. 1 new retainer client per quarter at $5,000 each. 100 new blog subscriptions each month. Increase profitability by end of Q2 by 5%.

In addition to setting the targets, define HOW you will get there. This may include adding automation, outsourcing select services, or exploring new markets. 

2. How are you leveraging automation?

The world is firmly in the 21st Century. Are you? If your organization isn't using automation in your marketing, sales and service areas, you are falling behind your competitors. Digital transformation is being employed by companies of all sizes. To stay competitive, you need to get onboard.

The reason why it's so popular is because it makes your life so easy. Ok, there's still plenty of work to do, but automation helps you and your team focus on the leads and customers who will make you the most money, short and long term.

3. What is the cost of being at this same place this time next year?

Do you seriously want to be asking yourself in Q4 of 2020 why you didn't make changes in your marketing, sales and service which could have made you more money, earned you more time and decreased your stress?

Let this be the time to get started on positive change that will set you up for a brilliant 2020 and beyond.

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