5 Tips for Effective Marketing

Simple ways to improve your marketing

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5 Tips for Effective Marketing ...

Marketing Strategy

Marketing fundamentals don't really change.

I would suggest that the old rules trump the latest fads:

  1. Branding (colors, layouts, logos, tag lines) - help people recognize your brand without having to recreate the positioning each time they see or hear about you

  2. Frequency - consistency of message...nature abhors a vacuum - if you don't tell people what you want them to think, they'll fill in the gaps themselves...and it takes at least 7 "touches" for someone to be ready to hear your message (meaning you need at least an 8th touch)

  3. Clear Call to Action - what action do you want people to take? Call now. Email. Visit the website...LIMIT the options and drive people to one clear activity...give people too many choices (or possibly even any choice) and they won't do anything

  4. Test and track - run an initial A/B test (e.g., offer $$ off vs % off, go to Facebook page or go to website, go to website or call #, etc.). Use the winner as a control, then test other options. Digital offers SO many opportunities to cheaply test and track. The goal is to get the highest return for the lowest cost.

  5.  Have a clear objective - know what you want to achieve, how you want to measure it, and how to define success. Are you looking to build leads? Close a certain dollar amount of business? Increase visits to a trade show booth or website? Define this at the outset and have a means to capture results. 

The mediums used to promote your brand, whether the newspaper, trade emagazine, LinkedIn or Snapchat - these are the last part of the puzzle. Have a clear strategy and the rest will fall into place.


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