8 Ways to Get Better at Internet Marketing

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8 Ways to Get Better at Internet Marketing ...

Websites and SEO


Figuring out internet marketing isn't easy. But once you figure out the basics, you've opened the doors to tremendous opportunities for growth and learning.

That's why we've covered the fundamentals in The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing. This blog post offers a quick overview by examining the eight basic ways to get started. 

1. Create a Keyword Strategy

Optimize your website around keywords that are relevant to your business and which keywords consumers are using to find you online. Keywords increase your chances of getting found by people searching with those keywords, which will drive more and better quality traffic to your business’ website.

2. Optimize Your Website

Once you have created your keyword strategy,  you can increase your website's chances of ranking for those keywords. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about doing just that! You goal is to be on the first page or first few search engine results pages for your keywords.

3. Create Blog and Other Content

Once you develop a clear understanding of your business’ keywords and optimized your website for search engines, your next step should be to attract more visitors. Blogging and creating other content like eBooks and webinars are powerful ways to help more of the right people discover your business online.

4. Promote Content & Participate in Social Media

Learn how to leverage social media to help distribute business content. Social media allows your customers and potential customers to communicate directly with you and your employees online, and it allows interesting content to spread quickly.

5. Convert Site Traffic Into Leads

Focus on converting more of your website visitors into sales leads. Decide on a compelling offer for your customers, create a call-to-action to promote your offer and launch a landing page with a form for visitors to submit their information to obtain the offer.

6. Nurture Leads With Email Marketing

Develop leads through lead nurturing, a process of developing relationships with your potential customers by sending targeted, relevant and valuable messages to them in a timely manner

7. Be Mobile-Friendly

If you are trying to market on the mobile web, you need to consider the importance of creating entertaining and quality content that can be easily consumed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers, while making sure your website is easy to view and navigate when accessed on mobile devices.

8. Analyze & Refine Strategies

Learn the best way to use all these techniques to get found online and generate new customers.


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