How to assign personas to your leads, customers and prospects?

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How to assign personas to your leads, customers and prospects? ...

Content Marketing

The value of using personas should be clear, but then the question arises: how do we assign personas to our prospects, leads and clients?

A solid content marketing plan will help you do this. Ideally, you'll use a tool like HubSpot, that makes both the workflows and the CRM integration easy, but this can be done manually or with other solutions. 

In short, create content that will resonate with a particular persona, and track in your CRM which version it is. Using our previous examples, did they select the version talking about emergency repairs or custom improvements?

If your content marketing plan is mapped out, augmented (ideally) with a lead scoring plan, people will actually assign themselves to the right persona in your system, letting you know what information to share next time and, eventually, the sales conversation to have, and when to have it.

And just to state the obvious, in this example, if they download information about "emergency repairs," call now!   


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