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Content Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry ...

Content Marketing

Content Marketing for the Sales Cycle - original by HubSpot

Everybody's Doing It:

The Content Marketing Institute, with MarketingProfs and Oracle completed research in 2014 of B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Trends. The result is a good read

The short answer is - with only 14% of surveyed manufacturers not doing content marketing, if your business isn't doing this sort of marketing, then you are not as competitive as your peers.

Not sure how to get started? Here are some tactical suggestions.

Content Marketing Formats:

Some common types of content marketing include:

1. eNewsletters

2. Videos

3. Informational articles on your website

4. Social media content

5. Case studies

6. White papers

7. Blogs

8. Webinars

9. Research reports

10. Infographics


Perhaps you already have some of these resources, but just didn't think of them as 'content marketing.' If so, go ahead and start promoting them on your website, in your email signature block, via search engine marketing.

If you haven't developed any of these, it's time to start. Pick one format that you think you can reasonably do consistently (e.g., 1x month) and get started. 


eNewsletters are the most common content marketing format used in the manufacturing industry. By leveraging your existing email list, you have the opportunity to remain top of mind with your existing customer base, and show thought leadership with potential clients. Add this eNewsletter to your website, and your search engine optimization can benefit.


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