Freedom to Fail - Wishing Entrepreneurs a Happy New Year

Great entrepreneurs have the courage to fail

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Freedom to Fail - Wishing Entrepreneurs a Happy New Year ...

Marketing Strategy

sticky-bitsLook Behind/ Look Ahead

December 31st is when business owners reflect back on the previous year and analyze what worked, what didn't and celebrate (or lament) the year that past.

January 1st is the time to look ahead. Make plans. Develop forecasts. Dream.

Dream BIG!

I could fill up this post with quotes about trying and failing, but you know them. Think Tesla. Think Edison.

Hopefully, think about what you discovered yesterday when you reflected on the year gone by. 

Did you take any risks? Did you try to anticipate where the market was going? What were the upcoming trends? How you could bring your skills to market to benefit the most people?


During the winter holiday lull, I go through paperwork, sticky notes - all those websites I kept meaning to check out all year. 

I just pulled a note about StickyBits - using QR codes to bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual/social media word. (That's a personal area of great interest.) 

Sadly, the site and product are gone.

The good news was they were able to roll their learning into a new venture, Still a direct to consumer model and trying to bridge the physical with the virtual. 

However, that never took off and that closed, too.

New Beginnings

My hat is off to these entrepreneurs. Their success is having the vision and developing actual businesses and products around them. Too many people comment at cocktail parties that they had this great idea...but never did anything with it. They figure 'if it's a good idea, someone else will have already come up with it.'


The issue isn't that someone else thought of it. The genius is making it happen!

Entrepreneurs have vision and dedication. Entrepreneurs are willing to take risks and, by right, willing to fail.

THAT is what takes courage. THAT is what is noble. THAT is the part that is frequently crazy and scary and sometimes stupid and always the most extreme sport there is.

For without failure, the victory of that final win just isn't as sweet.


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