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B2B buyers are not dumb -- and marketers need to stop acting as if they were.

I was just reading about a company that is encouraging enterprise software companies to use Browser Notifications to promote their product across the web. 

Please don't.

There are plenty of gimmicks and tools that are shiny objects to explore. Many of them are actually very cool. But others should be left to their original purpose, like in this case, browser notifications which are meant to determine language preferences or to provide a useful service. 

Don't overreach and turn every tool, every surface, etc. into a marketing opportunity.

When done right, Marketing helps people better understand the nature and nuance of their problem, so that the correct solution may be selected. It educates people on the range of issues which might be at the root of their challenge, as well as ways to think about possibly addressing those challenges. 

Those who are looking at B2B solutions are researching. They have requirements, budget restrictions, a wish list, and UX considerations, no matter if they are looking for software, hardware or service providers.

What those buyers want is information they can trust which will help them make a good decision with minimal surprises. 

Using "marketing bling" in a "look, a squirrel"-type fashion is not, I suggest, the way to attract quality leads who will turn into delighted customers. Likewise, don't pummel prospects to the ground with endless emails and merciless remarketing. You can do some follow-up emails and targeted ads, but only if this is done from the perspective of being helpful, not salesy. However, pushing a solution rather than educating about one, is not acceptable.

Rather, invest in quality content which treats your audience with respect. Earn their business. Listen to what their struggles are before pushing a solution at them.

Be willing to lose a nightmare client in exchange for winning a lifetime client.

Apply the Golden Rule: treat others as you would have them treat you.

The reality is - it works. With our clients, we have shifted them to higher quality content that is closer aligned with the questions people actually have. The result is that the quality of leads, the dollar value of those leads, the velocity to close, and the lifetime value per customer -- these have all improved. Significantly.

Don't waste time, attention or credibility on efforts which annoy and insult your prospective customers. If you have a quality product or service that solves a real problem, talk about that. Show thought leadership. Demonstrate that you truly understand what problem your prospect is trying to solve. Help them better define the problem. Empower your future clients to make an informed decision...a decision where they become an internal advocate for your solution now and in the years to come.

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