How do we get more leads for our business?

What works best for lead generation

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How do we get more leads for our business? ...

Lead Generation

Lead Generation for B2B Businesses

The most common question we get from business owners and sales professionals is "how can we get more leads?" 

Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Define your personas
    This goes beyond demographics to pain points. Understand how your target customers think about their problems.
  2. Develop a focused content plan
    Think through the buyer's journey and their thought process to make a decision. Don't assume it's linear.
  3. Make it easy for website visitors to contact you
    This does NOT mean having tons of ways to contact you (phone, text, chat, etc.). The most effective campaigns we've seen actually remove options, so it is easy to know what to do and what will result in a quick response.
  4. Have automation programmed in the background
    Ensure that your sales team learns of leads quickly by automating notifications and that all leads are entered into your CRM automatically. Provide confirmation to web visitors that their inquiry has been received.
  5. Be consistent
    Actually follow your content plan and repurpose blogs as curated, gated content.

The right content will attract the right visitor. Make it easy for them to reach out when they are ready. Earn their trust by regularly providing useful, helpful, relevant content.

Not convinced? We recently applied this simple strategy for a client and doubled leads in 8 months!

Most organizations focus on their websites and in their blogs, social media posts, etc. on what they want to tell potential buyers about their products and services. However, that's starting from the wrong perspective. 

Instead, you need to start from the perspective of the person having the problem or challenge. How would they phrase the issue? What would they type into Google?

Remember: Google isn't where people go for answers. Google is where people go to ask questions. Your company's job is to provide the best answer to the questions asked. Once someone believes you truly understand their challenge, they will want to hear about your solution...but not before.

So if you want more leads, answer more questions.

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