How To Create an eNewsletter for Manufacturers

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How To Create an eNewsletter for Manufacturers ...

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An eNewsletter is an email that has some graphic appeal that introduces articles, concepts, tips, announcements, etc. that usually will link to more in-depth articles on your or another website. 

It should be branded, to reinforce your company's name and logo, and helps to reinforce your position as an expert in your field.

Key Considerations:

There are countless articles about email marketing and many have worthy contributions on the subject. As a professional in your field, you know, however, that testing and tracking will prove the best judge on the matter. 

To get started, here are some key things to consider:

Step 1: Frequency

How often do you plan to send? If you're just getting started, once a month is an ideal pace. It allows you to stay on people's radar screens, while not putting too much pressure on coming up with content or time to put the eNewsletter together. It also isn't so much that recipients will feel that they are being spammed.

Step 2: Segment Your List

Not every customer is the same. And not every customer or potential customer is interested in the same products or services. Be sure to have a means of segmenting your list - for example, did they purchase or express interest in industrial parts or consumer parts? Were they looking for an ongoing contract or a one-off purchase?  

Step 3: Source of Your Contacts

Don't forget to also note whence your leads came. Did they come from your sales team? A trade show (and which one)? Print catalog? Which page of your website? All of these factors will help you target the information in your eNewsletter to what might appeal to them most. 

Step 4: Tools

Most email platforms, like Outlook, have limits on how many email addresses can be in any given email message. Spam filters, likewise, are looking for recognized sources, such as Constant Contact or AWeber, which follow protocols and ensure CAN-SPAM compliance with email marketing laws. Plus, these platforms provide easy to use, visually appealing templates that make preparing an eNewsletter easy.

Additionally, these professional tools provide tracking of who has opened your messages, how many bad email addresses there were, what links people followed. This will help you test and track to keep providing more and more valuable content.

Step 5: Content

Content is king. The eNewsletter is a chance to present current trends and considerations that reinforce your position as an expert. Note - you are NOT selling via this email! Let me repeat that - this is NOT a sales sheet. You can link to articles, reports, etc. as well as content on your own website and blog that are educational and helpful and relevant. You abuse the right to email folks if you use this as a selling tool.


As tempting as it is to try to sell in your eNewsletter, don't. The message gives you an opportunity to keep the conversation going with a prospective client...and that is when/how you use this to sell. The document allows you to stay top of mind and can easily be forwarded by the recipient to others, spreading your reach.

Whether the content is written by you or you are linking to important articles on the web that affect your industry, this is an easy way to expand your marketing efforts and put content marketing to work for your manufacturing business.


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