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How To Create Videos for Manufacturing Content Marketing ...

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Videos are a great way to introduce your product or service, especially for complicated or high value products typical in the manufacturing industry.

While quality matters, this doesn't have to require expensive filming or film crews. Your smart phone may be enough to get you started.

Key Considerations:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Even Google thinks so - they show videos high in the search results. Plus, Google owns YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine, so posting videos to YouTube is a smart option.

To get started with video marketing, here are some key things to consider:

Step 1: Frequency

Videos have a long shelf life, so you don't have to post new videos frequently to benefit. Plus, you should be putting out videos that is helpful to your customers and potential customers. Quality not quantity is key.

Step 2: Setting

You're likely a B2B manufacturer.  Your potential customers aren't looking for fancy sets or even an empty background. Perhaps your video is of your shop floor, or a lab, or the warehouse. What are the behind the scenes that can boost credibility and confidence in your company and products. These subtle images can make a difference. (Likewise, make sure there's nothing in the shot you don't want shown!)  

Step 3: Sound

This could prove the most challenging, especially if you are filming the shop floor. You may want to record your audio with a good microphone, then edit that in as a voice over while the video is showing. This will allow you to have good, clean audio with enticing 'b-roll' of what you are describing. This approach will also allow you to cut smaller segments of video to cover more content than if you tried to walk and talk in one seamless video segment.

Step 4: Tools

If you set your recording settings on your smart phone to HD, or use any digital camera to the highest settings, you should be able to get good quality video of your desired scene. Be careful about lighting - think about if you need to set up any additional lights to fill in dark areas. Likewise, try to watch out for 'hot spots,' where light is reflecting too brightly. 

To edit, you can use tools such as iMovie on the Mac or MovieMaker for Windows. Likewise, there are easy to use tools like WeVideo and the YouTube editor that offer varying levels of customization. Make sure to include your logo and brand contact information in your video. Some of the tools include call-to-action buttons, to help increase conversions and email sign-ups from your video. 

Step 5: Publishing

Tools like Wistia and Vimeo are popular and make formatting video to appear on the web incredibly easy. Because of the variety of browsers and sizes of devices, there is complexity in ensuring that all the options have been considered. These platforms also provide tracking information, such as how long did someone watch, and can prevent competitor videos appearing after yours.

YouTube, as mentioned above, is a Google favorite. It provides free hosting, additional search engine optimization (SEO) benefits and is easy to embed into your website or blog. However, ads can show and videos from your competitors might appear immediately after your video is complete.

Step 6: Content

Content remains king. What information will prove helpful and relevant and useful? What can best be communicated via a video than via words or still pictures? Would a chance to have the owner discuss the special features of your product - or maybe the engineer who designed it - help close the deal? What are FAQs that you can answer that free up your team to focus on other priorities? These are all great subjects for manufacturing videos and to take advantage of this form of content marketing.


Videos make it easy for existing customers and potential clients to see and evaluate your products and services. By breaking complex issues down or addressing how your products meet stringent technological specifications can help differentiate you in the marketplace, reinforce credibility, and build desire for your products.

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