A Marketer's Least Favorite Job - Logo Police

Why brand standards are important to your business

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A Marketer's Least Favorite Job - Logo Police ...

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Marketers are all about creativity and building positive experiences. So when they come asking if you could stop using the logo a certain way, or to stick with the approved colors and fonts...understand, this is the least favorite part of their job.

We know people want (and sometimes do say), "Who died and left you in charge?" Well, while they didn't die, our hiring manager is the one who put us in charge of this. In fact, it was included in our job description, and is part of what we'll be evaluated on for job performance.

So, yeah, we really do need you to listen to us.

Hopefully, though, you'll come to embrace that we're doing this not just because it's our job, but also because it helps make everyone else's job easier.

Think of Apple - you saw a white background and a silhouetted apple with a bite out of it, right? Clean, simple, focused. Well, that's the brand experience, right? How come you were so quickly able to think of that, and probably to also feel a sense of calm plus hope? Because they protect the brand and make sure whatever they do reinforces these key benefits. This also accomplishes a lot of the sales process...at this point, the emotional benefit of buying from Apple is evident, and how it compares with other brands is clear. Now, it's simply a matter of specs of which Apple product to buy.

Similarly, your marekting team is trying to create a similar situation with your brand. By reinforcing a consistent message, emotion and experience, it creates the pre-conditions for consumers to quicly associate your brand (name, color, fonts, layouts, images, etc.) with an experience, and thereby accelerating the sales process. 

Most marketers will try to find a way to meet your needs, if the resources available are not sufficient. They are, in fact, trying to help you, not hinder you, in your job.

Please think of their interactions as such, and it will be easier on everyone.




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