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For years I have said: Sales people think they do marketing, but they don’t. Marketers know they don’t do sales.

The challenge was, though, we’re told the old mantra to “Always Be Selling,” especially if you own your own business.

I didn’t like felt, I don’t know, dirty.

That is, until I took Dan Tyre’s Sales Pipeline Bootcamp through HubSpot. 

During this eight-week session, Dan got me, and I expect the others in the cohort, to shift our mindset to how our sales efforts could be consistent with our inbound marketing efforts:

Provide useful, helpful, relevant information.

With a systematic approach and concrete milestones, Dan led us from varying stages of proficiency to a degree of competency through a mix of knowledge transfer and skills development. Moreover, he lit within each of us a desire to keep learning, to keep growing, to keep improving...and to keep trying.

Having access to the wealth of data being at HubSpot provided, Dan shared proven techniques that work in today’s environment. Old school methods for connecting with prospects? Don’t bother! People’s expectations and people’s actions require something different.

What is the secret, then, you ask?

Useful, helpful, relevant information.

Rather than the old school mantra, we adopted the new mantra of “Always Be Helping.”

Why were we ready to convert to this new approach?

Because it works. We experienced the proof ourselves: More connect calls. More exploratory calls. More business.

But not only more business for us, but also for the clients we are helping.

You see, I didn’t just go through this effort to benefit myself. I can now help others by sharing these techniques and processes with them, helping their businesses grow and supporting their efforts to “Always Be Helping.”

So I guess sales and marketing can truly lend each other a helping hand. And we’re ready to help you.

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