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I recently read a blog post about encouraging sales people to transition how they have their sales conversations...that is, advising them to not jump into their spiel.

Perhaps because I come more from the Marketing than the Sales side, this has been my sales approach for years and is actually how I've built my business:

  • start with a conversation with a person (don't think of them as a potential buyer), 
  • provide value in that first conversation.

At this point, they are convinced of my knowledge, trust is built and then they ASK about what I do and what I think I can do for them.

That's when I ask the question about what they're struggling with. Usually I need to reframe the question, as someone is focused on tactics, not strategy - which is the usual problem -- and I suggest a follow-up meeting to discuss.

The parallel is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - at this point, people ASKED a question and so are open and interested in your response. Until then, it's like newspaper advertising or a TV spot - it's distracting (at best) from what I'm there to do, so there is defensiveness and resistance and judgement.

Hey - if the approach works for Google, it ought to work for Lone Armadillo, right?


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Keep the focus on helping. That's the best sale - especially for a long-term relationship.

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