Technology is a Tool, Not a Solution

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Technology is a Tool, Not a Solution ...

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Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

Whether it's HubSpot or InfusionSoft, whether it's a new LMS, TMS, HRIS, or HCM system...whether it's a new version of Office or a new cell phone...

Technology alone won't solve your problems.

It really doesn't matter which industry you are in. Rather, I think it's a function of being human.

How can we stay warm at night and ward of animals? Invent fire.

How can we move things easier? Invent the wheel.

How can we make lunch quicker? Invent sliced bread.

The desire and actual need to find more efficient and more consistent means of taking care of business have driven the human imagination - and the wheels of commerce - since the start of time.

But even with these overused examples (at least as presented here), they have one thing in common: they started with a defined problem. They asked, "What are we trying to solve for?"

The technology followed the objective.

Yet too many times, amidst the plethora of technological solutions and opportunities available to us, people confuse the technology with the solution.

This results in frequent buyers remorse or frustration that what we thought would be our user experience or end state is not our reality.

Yet that same technology may, in fact, prove to be the right solution...but only for a clearly defined problem. Or maybe how the technology is configured or used, or by whom, that can make the difference between success or failure and frustration.

Be sure to clearly define your business objectives and what problems you are seeking to solve. Whether selling the technology or implementing and using it, being clear about how the technology will help address the problem. Don't assume, on it's own, the technology will be the answer.



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