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Marketing Strategy
I have worked in marketing for almost 20 years. The "most effective and profitable" marketing methods will, for the most part, vary per company. Despite the influx of free seminars and workshops about how to dominate with internet or social media marketing, the truth is, unless your business is self-promotion, then you need to dig deeper. 
In short, start with the business objectives, then how marketing will contribute to the business goals, then how will the marketing department and efforts support those, short and long term.
Too many companies start tactics, but don't do the required preliminary steps:
I'll hear companies say their strategy is to "rebuild their website" or to "do social media." These are tactics, not strategy. And without a defined strategy that is tied to the business objectives, you are wasting time, money, energy and consumer attention.
While I'm not advocating waiting until things are perfect, I do stress that there needs to be clear communication and coordination to ensure that the marketing department is doing intentional work that will move the business forward, rather than random activity that just demonstrates being busy.

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