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We've Rebranded! ...

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When our business started in 2007, our focus was our (then) patent pending point of purchase signs. While the patent wasn't granted, the idea caught on like wildfire! You now see the signs we invented in pretty much EVERY retail store in the country. See some colored plastic or cardboard sheet with or without type on the flat shelf in a grocery store or office supply store? Yup - that was our idea! Pretty nifty, huh? 

Always Visible Signs point of purchase signage

While not every company is maximizing what one could achieve with these, we are pleased that folks saw the potential and value of this new marketing channel.  

Success with point of purchase signs - check!

So what's next?

A number of years ago, from working on political campaigns, I developed a process for targeting voters and helping legislators better connect with their constituents. (Yes, this is patent pending, too.) This same process can be leveraged by medium and large size companies to improve ROI and to better segment their customers and prospects.  At one point, this was going to be spun off into its own business unit. While it will now remain as one of the core offerings of our company, the branding exercise undergone at that time generated a valuable asset...a new name.

Thus, Lone Armadillo was born!

Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency

All of marketing is about connecting with people who have needs but don't want to be bothered, especially by marketers and salespeople. As the world of online commerce and brick-and-mortar sales becomes more and more competitive, the challenge of breaking through the clutter increases.

Once it was common wisdom that a company needed 7 touches to get a potential customer to say, "wait, I think I've heard of you? Who are you? What do you do?" Current estimates suggest it may require up to 42 touches!  Yikes!

So while our process helps streamline, track and improve the connection with voters and customers, really, EVERY potential customer is someone you want to touch with any and all of your marketing efforts.

People are like armadillos. They have tough shells that rebound many of our marketing messages. They curl up like little balls to protect themselves from the assaults, whether people handing out flyers on the street or ads on the television. Demographics are not enough. Personas are helpful and necessary, but they are not enough. 

How do we connect with the individual? How do we identify who makes the purchasing decisions? 

How do we connect with the Lone Armadillo?

As Shakespeare would have said, THAT is the question.

(Okay, here's the rest of the story behind the name. I grew up in Texas. Lone Star Beer had these GREAT commercials which alluded to the Giant armadillo...everything is big in Texas. For example, you'd have the stunned truck driver next to his toppled 18-wheeler, a giant paw print in the sands of West Texas.  He would say to the sheriff on the scene, "I saw the armadillo." Now, if you were in marketing, wouldn't you aspire to something that memorable?)

 Lone Star Beer - National Beer of Texas


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