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Since 2011

Lone Armadillo named a Partner with HubSpot...

"I've been building websites for clients for years, and had always been looking for a good content management system that I could recommend," comments Lone Armadillo's founder, Lynne McNamee. "While products like Joomla! and WordPress provide a lot of desirable features, their security vulnerabilities and the damage such exploits can easily (and frequently) cause clients and their brands - it's just not worth the risk.  Plus, those CMS systems are still so complicated, most clients can't really publish or create the content themselves, anyway.

"Additionally, the content management systems I've reviewed have essentially retro-fit their programs to accommodate Search Engine Optimization (SEO). None focused on SEO as a core component of their product or service.

"I'm pleased to announce that there is finally a Content Management System that I can recommend - and strongly. HubSpot.  Not only does HubSpot meet my standards for a secure and easy to use CMS system, they provide much, much more.

"As much of my work with clients entails developing multi-channel marketing efforts, I love that HubSpot integrates seamlessly with social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  RSS feeds are automatic options. 

"Coming from a direct marketing world, I am committed to testing and tracking.  So is HubSpot. Their SaaS has advanced analytics which provide a more complete picture of traffic and leads and prospects.

"SEO is the foundation of HubSpot's programming, so it is never an afterthought.  With competitive tools built in, I can witness how my clients are doing in the face of their competition. This advance notice is helpful in staying ahead of the competition.

"Inbound marketing is the buzz term you'll hear over and over from HubSpot - and with good reason. They provide wonderful tools to train on how to convert visitors to leads and to get the most out of your website.

"HubSpot is easy to use.  They provide training and have an excellent support staff. They have the data to show clients can have an increase in leads by 8x!

"Why wouldn't a company want to explore this as a way of increasing their business?"

Lone Armadillo has been a HubSpot Partner since 2011 and is proud to offer their products and services to businesses to help them solve problems and grow their business.