2021 Top LMS Websites Winners Announced - eLI Webinar

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2021 Top LMS Websites Winners Announced - eLI Webinar ...


February 17, 2022 - Having a strong website is a must to generate leads and convert clients in the heavily competitive market of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Lynne McNamee, President of Lone Armadillo Marketing and Consulting, worked with eLearning Industry to evaluate hundreds of websites in order to select the Top LMS Websites for 2021.

In this webinar, Ms. McNamee discusses:
  • What makes for a competitive LMS website
  • Updates to SEO that could be hurting your performance
  • Why blogging is still key for your content strategy and lead generation
  • What makes for a great value proposition
  • What you need to do to top next year's Top LMS Website List

Follow the link below to watch the webinar in full:

eLearning Industry's 2021 Top LMS Websites 


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