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The Corporate Learning industry is traditionally about 10-12 years behind the marketing industry. Give your company the competitive advantage by leveraging what has been learned by marketers over the years to your Learning and Development department.

The data that marketers collect now differs from the early ages of digital marketing. Then, we were interested in website visits, clicks and conversions, as if those mattered on their own...similar to the idea of registrations and completions.

Today, we realize that web visitors or course registrations simply provide context by which to interpret other data. By thinking in terms of what data do managers and the C-Suite want to see in order to make business decisions, priorities and metrics can be established around learning objectives and deliverables.

While not always able to isolate as causation, data will be captured to identify insights for additional tracking and testing for continual business improvement.


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Data Driven Solutions

Marketers and Learning professionals are usually after the same outcome - to educate people so that they can independently achieve a desired and repeatable behavior.

The toolkit developed for marketers and the thought process employed by strategic marketing agencies support gathering, reporting and analyzing data to advance business objectives. Combined with the expertise of learning professionals, we can help accelerate outcomes and build sustainable, data-driven practices at your company.

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