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How to break through the clutter 

The average American will be shown 10,000 marketing messages a day. They will change screens 21 times each hour. How can one single email be expected to generate results?

How do you get your message seen? How do you get employees to act?

Over the years, the practice of having targeted ads show based on past activities or data has proven effective in driving behavior. We have developed a way to provide this in a corporate environment.

Now, if someone has started an eLearning course but not completed it? We can encourage them to finish it. Encouraging registration for a new ILT offering? Our ads can show to those who haven't yet registered.

Even better, we can show select messages in spaced repetition to reinforce what was learned in a completed course...all of this OUTSIDE OF THE LMS!

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Proven marketing technique

While most Learning and HR professionals would rather avoid anything that hints at something that seems as annoying as retargeting, the truth is - it works.

Google, Amazon, and the thousands of companies which advertise online do so because someone generally needs to see a message more than once in order to take action.

When it comes to corporate training, open enrollment or any of the other scenarios which face resistance or apathy within the workplace, promotion of the message and benefits is required.

In addition, effective testing and tracking will look at the emotions which drive someone to take action. We can gain insights into how individual employees are motivated and use those insights to help each employee realize their potential.


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