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Or is it Keeping Employees Happy? 

There are so many expectations about how employees want and should be treated. Open communication is a key element toward meeting those expectations.

Voice of Customer, Net Promoter Score and general surveys can help identify needs and opportunities for improved employee experiences.

In addition, leveraging Customer Experience and User Experience analysis on the internal, employee experience, can help uncover roadblocks which lead to frustration and desertion.

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Marketers Viewpoint

Thinking like a Marketer is learning to think from another's perspective.

From this, we can develop personas which help us, at scale, identify issues, prioritize efforts, establish metrics and implement change.

We will ask questions such as:

  • What is the experience like from the individual's point of view? 
  • What challenges do they face and what are the sources of them?
  • Can the problems be addressed locally? Globally?
  • If the friction can't be solved, can it be minimized?
  • Is a process that is frustrating even necessary, or a carryover of a previous era?
  • Can automation relieve any of the frustrations or limitations, allowing the employee to focus on where they can truly make an impact?

While companies frequently add perks such as free lunch or trips to the state fair, most employees would prefer things that support them as individuals, not still as minions in the corporate machine.

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