Delight talent

Loyalty and Advocacy

Save Money. Save Employees. Grow Fans.

Studies show that to recruit and train a new employee, conservatively, will cost six-nine months of the employee's salary. Add to that lost productivity and negative impact on morale, and the argument is clear - it's financially better in most situations to try to keep and develop an employee than to just let them go.

But let's go further. 

What if we put as much effort into delighting the employees we interact with every day, as we do with customers we may only interact with sporadically?

Great supervisors and managers will do this, but usually as a result of their own personalities. How do we formalize this across the entire organization, and not only top down, but also bottom up and horizontally?

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Treat your employees like valued customers

Attract. Convert. Retain. Delight.

This is the mantra of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing. It's a flywheel that keeps circulating and which we need to keep supporting to keep the momentum going. 

Just as with customers, we can't stop engaging or providing value once they sign the contract (or they won't renew), so too with employees we need to continue to invest in them so they want to invest in us. 

The Chief Technology Office of TGI Friday's said, "we need to offer what our clients want, not what we think they want." Great advice. But how do we get that insight and what do we do with it once we get it?

We can use a variety of tools but also we can pay more attention to some of the tools and data we already have. Are there macros and automation which could minimize boring, repetitive tasks? Is there recognition that could be given for going above and beyond? Are there avenues for employees at any level in the organization to share ideas that might get turned into the next product? Are there areas of interest which could be incorporated into training or about which employees teach others?

With a concrete objective of delighting our employees, not just keeping them, the chances of success at both increase.

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