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Empowering Learners 

We understand that as a Learning Professional, you have a lot of demands put on you and usually don't have enough resources. Expectations are high and your successes are rarely recognized.

You believe strongly in serving company employees by providing quality learning which will help them grow individually and as part of the team.

Certain struggles remain, however, from the need for custom content development to increasing engagement and measuring impact.


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An Alternate Approach

The marketing industry has tested and tracked many methods over the years for attracting interest, educating consumers and achieving behavior change.

We are now applying those tools and techniques to help the Corporate Training industry experience similar results. 

By developing marketing campaigns that focus on motivations for Learners to take and complete courses, we can increase personal investment, which is the true key to engagement.

We also use our toolkit to help with reinforcing behavior change, similar to loyalty programs used by businesses over the years.

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